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educational programming

14 February
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I want in on the lj for the drama.just jokin. but not really. ha
I am Carly. I like puppies. I do not like writing mini biographys. BY the way, someone never took high school english, because this is not a mini biography because I am writing. If you don't know why, go back to high school.

I love my boyfriend, he is my everything. I go to college in vermont, my major is political theatre. I am very nice, and good looking.

I am really not as mean and sarcastioc as this sounds. I am really using this to keep in touch with my friends. so if u don't know me , go away.
all things jew, astrophysics, avoiding food from minnesota, beating up gabe marks, bennington college, creative writing, drinking, eating box, educating stupid people, literature, music, my boyfriend papa-kwesi, my friends, politics, reading, shooting arm chair liberals., singing, smokin, talkin politics with suzanne, theatre